You get it. It’s about HIM. The guy you adore but you never dare to love, just because if you end up loving him.. Nothing’s harder. Loving someone who could never love you. Simply as that, we don’t get to choose the person we love. And he? He’s the guy you loved. Hopping everything would be different in time. But if you agree on that terms, who are you? Could you be fine with the fact you’re just an option on his list? 

Think about the Aphrodite, going down to the pedestal of mortality and being tied up in Ananka’s fetters. That’s you. In this scenario, you can only wake up tied up to the bed. And your “love story” is romantic and lovely just as those in Russell’s movies. Yeah. Big O’s, zero emotions and eternal flame of concupiscence. 

Although, there is nothing like it. Let’s be real, every frame is perfect for someone. And for that particular reason, I don’t want to spend another second thinking of this surreal imagination. In fact, I want to love. To be loved. With all strings attached. Close. Tight. Intimate and totally crushed in a different dimension of reverie.