The Oxa – Chapter One


Keep up and fight.

She was sure these words were somehow magically tied to her, almost like ancient incantations in old stories about The Originals, so she whispered it every time she felt excruciating pain of compulsion in her bones. The Great Oberyin was about to

Fighting with the residents of The Oxa, one day she flipped, slightly inflamed into an altered state of consciousness, burned down the entire city and fell into a coma. Everything looks like The shadow hunters are really near, and prophecy is beeing on its way to be done. So, with an intention to embody The Necessity of the Seventh in her consciousness, the rest of the survived inhabitans find her body and examine, but every time they start with the procedure, one of them would mysteriously disappear and found __ dead. Is it her doing or is it Shadows keeping their most precious gift in life?

Considering her as highly-skilled and the only paranormal soldier they´ve ever had, they find the most effective procedure – to separate the memory channel from the past and artificially modify her brain cells with hybrid, making the new impression of reality and shaping the mind of a new creature with completely different type of shell.

But anyway, they could not change a destiny. And her destiny, well … let´s say is meant to be their greatest fear.